Cline Quality Painting guarantees all of our work.
No matter what.  


Cline Quality Painting will prepare surfaces properly for painting. Poorly prepared surfaces affect the appearance and quality of the new paint. To properly prepare surfaces for repainting is time consuming, but yields great end results, and increases durability of newly painted surfaces.

We are qualified painters and are familiar with the different types of paints, when to use what product, and how to apply each.

Our company focuses on exceptional detail and quality. We provide a broad range of services and detail when painting your home. Our process includes:

– Replace any damaged or rotten trim or boards
– Complete preparation work by filling holes and cracks, with only the best caulking materials
– Final touchup and cleanup

You don’t pay a thing until the job is complete and you are satisfied.

We believe in developing a trusting relationship with our customers and that begins with us.